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Words on Wood Workshop at Home

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Here's how it works​​
  • For organizing the event you will get a discount on your project
  • You and your guests will create a 5"X 18" board with eight different design options. 
  • Once we decide on a date and time we will send you a  the project options and a link to send your guests to order and pay for their project
  • A few days before the event we will pack up each guests' board, template, paints and accessories for you to deliver
  • Option 1 below: If we are involved in the meeting we will create a Zoom Meeting designating you as co-host.
  • We will send an email out to guests with Zoom invite and details of event.
  • Option 2 below you organize your own Zoom meeting or other option for your guests.
Option 1- We provide instruction (8 or more )and are participants in the Zoom meeting      Your price:  $28   guests   $35 per board
Option 2 - We will give you hand written instructions for all the participants.  You conduct event on your own.- Your price:  $24 and guests $30 per board.
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